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Getting Started


What do you really need?


Send me an electronic or mailed hard-copy example of your work (no more than 3–4 consecutive pages). I will review and contact you personally to discuss your needs.


What will you get?


Your document will receive detailed readings in accordance with the level of editing requested. I will return results, fully corrected, with or without colour-coded changes, and/or corrected with queries attached. Together, before start-up, we will decide which method or variant of, works best for your project.


Can you work with my software?


My working protocol is MS Office; however, I can convert and edit all documentation including text, spreadsheet and presentation formats from both PC and MAC. I can also manually edit hard copy documents of double or single space, and scan electronically, or mail a finished copy as required.


How will You be charged?

Fees:  Fees are dependent on the project requested. I will provide an estimate based on your initial “example” submission.

Payment:  Money orders, certified cheques, and e-transfers are accepted. All projects require a deposit. New customers require 50% deposit based on the estimate, with final (reconciled) payment due upon completion of the project.

For clear, concise, compelling  communications.