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You have something important to say, a critical message meant to enlighten or amuse.

A professional editor provides a second look, seeing your words through a different set of eyes, noting, and ultimately correcting mechanical errors and inconsistencies in your text. The level of service, tailored to your specific needs, ranges from proofreading and basic copyediting, to heavy copyediting.


Focus is on inconsistencies in format, type and presentation.


        Typographical errors

        Formatting inconsistencies

        Page numbering and layout


Basic Copyediting:


Focus is on mechanical consistency and correlating parts.


        Grammar, punctuation and spelling


        Transitions, redundancies and acronyms

         Inconsistencies of fact or tone

         Formatting and cross-references to headers/footnotes, table of contents, tables/charts, etc.

        Identification of quotes, tables or illustrations that may require permission


Heavy Copyediting:


Focus is on the overall document. Do your words achieve the objective? Is the audience likely to be captivated? Are your thoughts organized and easy to read; is your message conclusive, factual, and clear?


         Basic copyediting

         Verification and revision of factual inconsistencies or statements that appear to be incorrect

         Re-write of any wordy or convoluted pieces of text

         Clarification and/or definition of terms likely to be new to readers